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'''Lod''' (; ''''; Greco-Latin: ''Lydda'', ''Diospolis'', Ancient Greek: Λύδδα / Διόσπολις - city of Zeus) is a mixed Jewish-Arab city southeast of Tel Aviv in the Center District (Israel)|Center District of Israel. At the end of 2012, it had a population of 71,060. The name is derived from the Biblical city of Lod,The Madaba Mosaic Map, Jerusalem 1954, 61-62Yacobi, 2009, p. [ 29]: "The occupation of Lydda by Israel in the 1948 war did not allow the realization of Pocheck's garden city vision. Different geopolitics and ideologies began to shape Lydda's urban landscape ... [and] its name was changed from Lydda to Lod, which was the region's biblical name."; also see Pearlman, Moshe and Yannai, Yacov. ''Historical sites in Israel''. Vanguard Press, 1964, p. 160. For the Hebrew name being used by inhabitants before 1948, see ''A Cyclopædia of...
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